You can use this embed code to embed the virtual tour into the Windermere photo gallery.  Just replace the tour ID shown, 163341 with your specific tour ID.
<object id="content area" standby="loading tour, please wait…" title="loading tour, please wait..." width="845" height="480" type="text/html" data="" target="_blank"></object>

We also suggest you upload the Call2Action photo (the branded one) right in the gallery as a photo....put it in spot 2 or 3 so it gets noticed....and people can just type in the tour link to find more.  See this link to read more on how to effectively use the Call2Action photo:

The embedded tour looks something like this.  We suggest you start with the FloorPlan or Photo view.  This is a work in progress and we will work to make it better, but for now this is one way to get it in the gallery, at least. 

Inline image 1