Every tour created has an online invoice. The invoice shows the billing method (Credit Card or Invoice) and all charges made to the tour.  The total amount on the invoice includes all charges made to the tour during the life of the tour.  NOTE: there is a date stamp next to each charge.  It represents the date and reason for the charge. 

To view and print your invoices: 

  • Log onto www.floorplanonline.com 
  • Login to your account 
  • Select the MANAGE TOURS tab 
  • Select the link VIEW INVOICE (located under the address of the property) 
  • Invoices for Expired and Disabled Tours are in Manage Tours under the tab EXPIRED/DISABLED.  

You may use the link below to view the Invoice.http://vifp.com/order_invoice.php?order_id=xxxxx&member_id=xxxxx Where XXXXX = the tour ID#