Linking your tour to will get it seen by more people than on any other website! gets millions of visitors each month and it is one of the best places to showcase your tour. According to and Nielson Net Ratings, 78% of searching for properties online happens at Plus we do all the work for you, just check the box and then approve your tour, and the tour will show up automatically on within 5 minutes. Buyers just click on the Featured Tour icon under the photos on the property detail page, and the tour will pop-up complete with YOUR information…so even if you do not have an enhanced listing on, the potential buyer can find you via the tour. 

If buyers search for listings with only virtual tours, your tour will be included in the list. Eighty one percent of home buyers say photos and detailed property descriptions are the most important features when searching online for homes – followed closely by Featured tours(1). The need for REALTORS® to take advantage of these preferences and differentiate themselves as Internet marketing specialists has never been greater. Featured Tours give you the ability to take full advantage of the traffic that is driven to your listings on® so that consumers don’t pass you by.

Home buyers clearly recognize the value of Featured tours, with the “Featured Tours First” display option clicked on more than 120,000 times each day on® (2). However, you’re not just catering to home buyers – you’re also strengthening your marketing proposals with home sellers.

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* Differentiate how you market homes

* Reach Internet consumers with Featured tours on the #1 real estate site (3),®

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*® is used by over 5.7 million prospective home buyers and sellers a month (4)

If you are a Showcase member with (meaning you or your company has an account with them) the linking of the tour to the listing on is FREE! Otherwise, there is a $25 charge per listing. Being a Showcase member does cost money, so there is a trade-off based on the number of listings you might have in a year. Contact at 800-878-4166 for more information on their Showcase membership.

(1)2006 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

(2)Homestore, Inc. June 2006 internal analysis of total unique searches vs. searches with Featured tour sort

(3)Media Metrix – Number of unique users on REALTORS® each month of 2007

(4)Media Metrix. Based on average of unique users each month from February 2004 to January 2005