We provide a customized ad you can post to Craigslist in the Marketing Center of your FloorPlanOnline account.  It will provide a link so they can access your tour! Here is where you can find the ad:

  • Login to your FloorPlanOnline account
  • Go to your MANAGE TOURS tab
  • Under the specific listing look at the Tour Details column. 
  • In that section click on the Photos & Marketing Tools link. This will take you to the Marketing Center.
  • At the bottom of the page under the Advertise your Listing section, click the button for the Craigslist ad creator. 

Note: Craigslist has blocked all external links, so we have made the link visible so they can manually copy and paste it themselves. Craigslist changes things often and without warning. If something is not working, please email us and our Development Department will look into fixing the problem.