How to install the FloorPlanOnline Listing App into your Facebook Business Page.

Requirements:  You need a Facebook business page.  You also need a main FloorPlanOnline account to use to link to your Facebook business page.

Get Started.
When you are in facebook for the floorplanonline listing app up in the search box....and you should see the option like this.


Click it, and then just hit the Add to Page at the top.  It will then pop a window and you can select your Business Page (you have to have a business page tied to your facebook account to use it). 

Go to the business page and go to the More menu to see other tabs...and then click the My Featured Listings.  
Here, enter the login associated with your main account. 
Once you do this, it should load the listings....

You can them manage the tabs (select the Manage Tabs at the bottom under More) and reposition the Featured Listing to show on your page without having to go to more if you want.  You can also rename it.